Meet the Team

Brandon Smith Pic
Brandon Smith, Managing Member
Own and manage the daily business operations of S&S Texas Properties. In just 9 years we’ve been able to purchase over 450 house’s and operate/own a rental portfolio of 80+ plus house’s. My goal is leave a legacy for our family owned company for many generations to come.


Pat Spruce S&S Texas Properties Realtor

Patrick, Buyer/Acquisitions
My role is to meet our clients at the house to provide real estate solutions upon inspection of the home and determination of a potential value.   My goal and our companies current goal is to acquire 50+ residential units a year. I am a licensed agent in the state of Texas, and always on a hunt for a good deal.


Elliot Spruce, S&S Texas Properties Realtor
Elliot, Rental Director
Oversees all of S&S Texas Properties rental properties in Houston and its surrounding areas. This includes tenant placement, repair/rehab of rental property and collection of rent roll. I’ve been a licensed realtor since 2011 and is a former member of NARPM.


Melanie Hornack, S&S Texas Properties Realtor
Melanie, Office Manager
I oversee the office operations and take care of any and all accounting and administrative duties for the company.  With over 20+ years of experience I was able streamline S&S’s bill pay, check processing and overall record keeping. I look forward to each new day here, as no two days are the same in the industry we work and live in.


Real Estate Agent
Sania, Project Material Vendor Coordinator
I manage vendor and contractor relationships on a daily basis.  I play a key role in the deliverables of labor and material in all phases of the construction project.  I’ve been in the material and construction business for over for over10+ years. It’s about people, product, and processes.


Real Estate Agent
Douglas, Head of Construction
I manage all aspects of the construction jobsite. This includes design and installation of new material to update the property. I’ve got a strong background in crew management and meeting project deadline. I make the “Ugly” look good again.



Special thanks to managing members Bob & Dottie Spruce. They’ve been able to provide sound business principles, plus a large capital investment into S&S Texas Properties.