Are you an investor? Are you looking to buy rundown homes that are undervalued and resale them for a hefty profit? I add hefty in there, because what’s the point of all that work for pennies.

Houston Investors prefer S&S Texas Properties because they have more experience helping people, like you, find, purchase, renovate then ultimately resell Ugly or investment properties. With more than 15 years and 300 homes experience of buying, selling and, yes, flipping homes, we are perfectly positioned to help you find that perfect investment. Investment property requires agents that are tenacious and savvy. And that savvy is more valuable to you, as an investment, buyer than all the tenacious, go-get-em, agents out there combined.

We understand the process involved in buying the best deals, and we have the relationships to help your bid find the top of the list.

Investors—it’s your dime. And, we’re here to bank roll that dime into dollars. Give us a call and we’ll show the way.

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